Engaging Vienna

… a hands-on interdisciplinary one-day event

Enabling broad and vivid public participation is an ongoing challenge, especially for large cities like Vienna. Several innovative technology formats have been proposed in recent years to support imagination and discussion amongst citizens: simulations of planned buildings or development areas, interactive demonstration rooms (e.g. with 3D-printed city models and projections), and various mobile platforms for participation on the move and on the spot. We would like to explore how these different approaches can be optimally combined to fit them to the actual needs of certain participation projects.

The event, which is held in conjunction with the MobileHCI ’17 conference, will be organized at STADTRAUM Nordbahn-Halle (see information on the location). This is a demonstration center situated in the midst of Vienna’s largest future urban development areas „Nordbahnhof“ (former northern railway station). The discussions will be enriched by real-world problems on citizen participation that the Vienna City Government is currently facing.

„Engaging Vienna“ will be organised as a Smartathon, entailing both hands-on activities as well as opportunities for discussion and exchange of experiences (see program). In that respect, smartathons are an interactive blend of a hackathon and a workshop allowing for group discussions, exchanging experiences as well as creativity sessions to give ideas a physical representation.

**In this one-day workshop we want to discuss the various requirements, opportunities, challenges and impact of novel concepts for advanced citizen e-participation based on mobile and pervasive technology. This year’s workshop will especially seek to address real-world urban planning or operation problems as a concrete crystallization point for a multi-competence and multi-stakeholder discussion.

In accordance with this overall goal, this workshop will address the following goals:

  • Advance the field of pervasive participation by reflecting challenges of participation and discussing ways to address them
  • Align scientific and governmental perspectives
  • Enable an exchange of ideas and networking to produce promising ways to foster public participation
  • Unify various branches of e-participation (e.g. mobile, stationary)